For cousin Ollie.

On your first day of school,

Be happy, excited, and your individual shade of cool.

Be ready to listen with African elephant sized BIG ears,

And at times be quiet as a mouse that hides behind a hole from where it peers.

Open your eyes as   w  i  d  e   as a bush baby too,

Remembering others may not always see as you do.

Make more   s  p  a  c  e   in  your   mind    than     from      here       to        the         moon,

To be filled with lots of new and interesting things soon.

Run like a cheetah going so so so fast,

Like the wind that will blow leaves on the playground past.

Be cheeky like a monkey, playing whenever you can,

But work like a bee, for the future you plan.

Make friends like a puppy, and hold them close in your heart,

Because the friends that you make will be the best part.

Be kind, and caring, and beautiful and bold,

Knowing sometimes you will have to do as you are told.

Be free like a dolphin swimming through a sea,

And fly like a bird high above the trees.

But above all, the very most important thing you can do,

Is to make sure you never forget to be you.

IMG_4704 (2)




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